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I got a call from sales reps from this company pitching their service for website search engine optimization.I did a little research, and decided to give them a try.

I got their call around mid January. I explained to them that I had service through the end of January, with another vendor, and told them I would like to start service 2/1/13. They sent me a contract that didn't have a service start date, but I assumed since I told them verbally I wouldn't need service until 2/1/13, it wouldn't be a problem. Boy was I wrong.

They were trying to meet sales quotas, so they wanted to get the order on the January books, so despite me telling them specifically not to do so, they charged my card for $995, the same day my other vendor was also running my card for the service that I already had. The whole thing put me in a huge bind,as this time of year is our off-season, and cash flow is really tight. I called my contact, there, and he assured me it would be taken care of. A little later, I got a call from a VERY rude individual in their accounting department, advising me that they didn't want to refund my card because they would incur bank service charges.

I explained to him that I hadn't authorized them to run my card until Feb 1, so it wasn't my fault. The whole situation escalated, he ended up yelling at me, and hanging up on me. I immediately reported them to the Better Business Bureau, Rip-off, and Yelp. Shortly after, I got a call from their attorney who offered to refund my money if I would sign a new contract, which had been amended to request that I remove my reviews from those sights.

I didn't want to sign it, but I had no choice if I wanted to get the $995 back that they had charged to my card. I signed the contract, reluctantly, removed my reviews, and was finally issued my refund. Now at this point I just want be done with this people, part ways, and move on, and I genuinely assumed that they would do the same thing. I mean, seriously, after this nightmare, why would they want to do business with me, and why would I want to do business with them.

I certainly didn't trust them with my credit card anymore. Also, never wanted to suffer the abuse that I did at the hands of their accounting department, again. I honestly believed that we would just both go our separate ways. I was wrong.

I got an e-mail from their lawyer a couple of days trying to strong-arm me into doing business with them, threatening legal action. It's pretty sad when a company has to force their customers to do business with them. It's pretty embarrassing for them, that they can't earn customers through good customer service, and positive performance. Do NOT do business with this company.

Do not trust them with your credit card information.DO NOT sign any kind of agreement with them.

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Yes, they are not to be trusted, especially with the amount of money they are pulling out of consumers...

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